Welcome to the website of the doctoral project The Coding Choir, carried out by Priscilla Battini Prueter at the University of Hamburg under the guidance of Professor Dr. Sandra Schulz. Below you can find the first activities and materials available on the project. 

A score music is a sequence of symbols that determine pitch, duration, articulation, repetitions, dynamics and other qualities of sound. It can be compared to an algorithm, as it is also a sequence of instructions for doing something and achieving a certain result.  Considering that music is part of our daily lives and often has a strong emotional connection with us, why not bring it closer to computing? This is the proposal of The Coding Choir: Singing and Computing in group.

You will need 30 minutes to read the three lessons and around 20 minutes to answer the questions and I recommend using a computer. The 3 lessons are in a single document and the supporting audios and videos are on the Tutorials and Materials page, as well hyperlinked in the document.

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As a thank you, please visit the Perks page where I have curated a selection of tools that can be used to teach and explore music using technologie!